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When we began contacting composers about this project, we did not have an overarching theme in mind. Our primary goal at the time was simply to play some new music together, but the project quickly developed into something much more. Once we had all the works in front of us, we began to see the full scope of the album, and the concept became very clear to us. Though each of us have very different stories, our early roots are the same. Our debut album, Roots, is an homage to the various aspects of music that caught our attention, shaped the way we viewed the world, and firmly planted a passion for music in each of us.

Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs

…from the vibrantly articulated triplets in the trumpets, soaring horn lines, and brash pedal points in the low brass (doubled colorfully by the organ) of the Mackey tune, to the joyful exuberance of the Adams, to the pure Bernstein: a little Bach, a little swing; something high-brow, something down home, to the inclusion of four incredible world premiere recordings!…. this diverse, solid offering is superb!


“Legacy” is the result of an epic collaboration between over 30 trombonists at the 2016 Southeastern Trombone Symposium. This record features standards of the trombone repertoire as well as original arrangements by the performers.


Live At the Loft

Almost Educated performs live at The Loft in uptown Columbus, GA.