As Engineer



Role: Mixing/Mastering Engineer

The debut album of Colin McCall. The record features works by JS Bach, Elliot Cole, Michael Laurello, and Alexej Gerassimez.



Role: Mixing/Mastering Engineer

When we began contacting composers about this project, we did not have an overarching theme in mind. Our primary goal at the time was simply to play some new music together, but the project quickly developed into something much more. Once we had all the works in front of us, we began to see the full scope of the album, and the concept became very clear to us. Though each of us have very different stories, our early roots are the same. Our debut album, Roots, is an homage to the various aspects of music that caught our attention, shaped the way we viewed the world, and firmly planted a passion for music in each of us.

Full tilt

Role: Producer, Tracking Engineer

This music on this recording was all written for or premiered by Columbus State University trombone students. Many are new works specifically commissioned for this recording project, including "La Reconquista" which was composed by a current member of the ensemble Andrew Markel.



Role: Producer, Tracking Engineer

“Legacy” is the result of an epic collaboration between over 30 trombonists at the 2016 Southeastern Trombone Symposium. This record features standards of the trombone repertoire as well as original arrangements by the performers.

Mighty Shadow

Role: Tracking Engineer

“Mighty Shadow.” These two words for me conjure tensions between vigor and vulnerability, inspiration and intimidation, sacredness and secularism. And these emotions and ideas weave throughout this album’s masterworks in Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Rachmaninoff’s Variations on a Theme by Corelli. Mussorgsky penned his most well-known work on the death of his great friend Viktor Hartmann, using his paintings as a foundation to forever enshrine his memory. Rachmaninoff’s last major piano work stands as a self-reflection as the composer casts a look back across his entire life.




Role: Tracking Engineer

The debut solo album of trombonist Peter Steiner. Also features performances by Silver Ainomäe and Hsiao-Ling Lin.


Window dreamer EP

Role: Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer

In preparation for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Contest, I recorded three of my more recent songs and will pick one to submit for the contest. Once again, Jordan Walsh and I teamed up within 4 hours and recorded and mixed the whole EP in roughly an hour and a half. Each song is the first take with any mistakes or improvisations kept as is, however this time we recorded inside with 2 microphones. The album picture represents the idea of these songs where I woke up after many tornadoes and looked out of my apartment to see a rainbow. Optimism in the face of doubt.



Role: Tracking Engineer

Music for bass trombone by living composers, all recorded here for the first time.


Role: Tracking Engineer

This most recent album continues to push the envelope in solo bass trombone repertory and performance. The works present a wide array of challenges, representing a wide variety of genres, styles, and moods.


a beautiful noise.jpg

A Beautiful noise

Role: Tracking Engineer

Simply some of the best classical trombonists in the world join the Columbus State University Trombone Ensemble on an impressive recording of new music including “A Beautiful Noise” that premiered in 2009. Soloists Include: Joseph Alessi, George Curran, James Markey, Denson Paul Pollard, Bill Thomas, and Charlie Vernon.