About the work

Duration: 5-8 Minutes

Instrumentation: Keyboard + Max/MSP


About the Composer

Brian Ellis is an Austin based composer, researcher, and guitarist. His musical drive lies in using code to realize his larger compositional vision:

technology should be used toward divesting musical agency from the composer to the environment, the performer, and ultimately, the listener.

Brian is a Music and Computer ScienceHonors Undergraduate studying at the University of Texas at Austin. He has had works premiered in numerous events, including the Ears Eyes and Feet Collaborative Concert, the Good House Collective's "Time Warp", the Engineering Chamber Orchestra's Spring Showcase, as well as in numerous student concerts at the University of Texas. He has produced works in collaboration with dancers on numerous occasions, most notably with Unset 2.0, an improvisation and audience co-collaborative dance company. As a performer, Brian is committed to diversifying the repertoire of the Classical Guitar, and has performed a solo recital comprised exclusively of minimalist works arranged for the instrument. He performs with a wide range of musicians under the umbrella of the Good House Collective, the New Music Ensemble he co-founded with Christian Clark (Percussion), Nicolas Dominguez (Double Bass), and Zoe Cagan (Flute).

As a Computer Scientist and Computational Biologist, Brian spent two years as a researcher in Dr. Howard Ochman's Microbial Evolution Lab, which is part of the Department of Integrative Biology. Brian's most recent publication is in theJournal Bioinformatics, and discusses classifying prokaryotic species based on gene flow.