About the work

Duration: 8-12 Minutes

Instrumentation: Solo Percussion (Specifics to be announced), Tape Loops


About the Composer

Andrew Stoltz is an Austin, Texas-based composer, performer, sound artist and recording engineer. Utilizing both traditional and non-traditional instruments, strict composition and improvisation, his most recent work celebrates the subtle, natural, introspective and quiet moments. As an engineer, he is particularly interested in recording acoustic music, especially Contemporary Chamber, Classical, Jazz and Traditional International music. Born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area, he holds a Masters of Music in Composition from Cleveland State University and was a 2005 recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Award and a 2012 recipient of a New Music USA grant (formerly Meet the Composer). His music and sound art have been performed and represented at a number of festivals and galleries throughout the U.S., Mexico and Europe.

A performer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew is an experienced guitarist within a wide variety of styles and is a frequent collaborator with the Austin New-Music Co-op organization. With over 20 years of college teaching and administrative experience, he is currently the Director of Recording at the Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin, where he supervises the recording and archiving of all the school’s concerts, recitals and recording sessions.